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Australian Bush Flower Essences

I have worked as a Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychotherapist since 1986 with a wide variety of people and their broad-ranging issues.

I had the privilege to train with Dorothy Hall, from whom I learnt about the therapeutic use of Bach Flower Remedies. She was the founder of the first recognised tertiary-level educational institution in Australia, where Naturopathy and Homeopathy were taught among other subjects. Used and loved them till ’91, when I was introduced to the Australian Bush Flower Essences range by Ian White.

The purpose of therapy – healing – is to bring about desirable change, through personal growth. Some time and effort are needed, but it is certainly possible.

This process can be facilitated with the use of Flower Essences. These are energy extracts of flowers that can rebalance your inner life, potentially resulting in worthwhile improvement in quality of life.

A very wide range of concerns can be addressed this way. For example: feeling shy and timid, being tired, to traumatic issues resulting in feeling depressed, and even hopeless.

Being a Psychotherapist assists me to choose the essences that address issues that are beneath the presenting symptoms and facilitate a more profound personal transformation. I am ready to tackle any and all personal challenges with you.