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Can Australian Bush Flower Essences be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The following statement isn’t believed by many people, but it appears to be true from at least a biological perspective. If you survive pregnancy and childbirth, you’ve made it through the greatest challenges of your life. Many refer to these events as ordinary miracles.

The health concerns of the pregnant mother can not be overstated.

Her physical safety, nutritional status and emotional well-being appear to have life-long consequences for both mother and child. Whatever improves the mother’s quality of life during this time, will have a long-term impact and most often unalterable influences on her baby.

So, the answer is an emphatic YES!

Due to endless factors influencing the pregnant mother’s life, women are even more likely to feel vulnerable, fearful, anxious and uncertain during this time. Who hasn’t heard of the accompanying physical discomfort and “pregnancy brain”?

In my experience, Australian Bush Flower Essences can play a pivotal role in providing effective emotional support, during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.

Let’s face it, all that goes on can be greatly traumatic for both mother and child. The more emotionally prepared and relaxed the mother is, the greater the likelihood of all going well during the birthing process.

Those of us, who haven’t been through this experience, are likely to find it practically impossible to imagine the intensity of the process of giving birth.

Managing the mother’s postnatal period can be also a significant challenge. The deeply stirring psycho-spiritual changes can become overwhelming. Dealing with them can be a tall order and are imperative for both mother and child.

The impact of the physical and emotional changes for baby during and after birth can’t be over-exaggerated. Much research into this process has been done during the past 120 years and the management of birth trauma remains a hot topic. Much can be mitigated with the skilful use of Australian Bush Flower Essences.