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How much time do Australian Bush Flower Essences need to act, how long-term are the effects and how long does treatment typically last?

This is a very complex topic. From a very wide variety of perspectives, life can be seen as a balancing act. Because of the large number of factors involved, and the dynamic and systematic interplay among them, a broad range of things can get out of kilter. The fundamental purpose and potential of using Australian Bush Flower Essences is to re-balance these identifiable imbalances.

Due to the deep-seated nature of the possible anomalies, some seem to be inherited, others congenital and/or ingrained, and they often require some time to correct. A couple of courses may be needed and even repeated later to have long-term or permanent effects.

For example:
  • racism and other forms of intolerance;
  • severe withdrawal from the surrounding world and its occupants;
  • an exaggerated degree of emotional sensitivity and lability;
  • overwhelming anxiety;
  • intimacy issues, sexual difficulties etc.
Some of us are especially vulnerable to experiencing certain specific tendencies, such as:
  • Thyroid gland hypo-activity;
  • a variety of fears and phobias;
  • severe mood swings;
  • a lack of feeling grounded;
  • a sense of powerlessness, and so on.

All of these can gravely affect the quality of life experience.

Regrettably, some people are so mired in these conditions that they are not even able to envisage the possibility of living/being differently and refer to it with resignation as the Human Condition. As if life was a pathological process.

Naturally, it’d be naïve and unrealistic to expect no difficulties and/or challenges in life at all. It is a known fact that tackling those is how we as individuals can grow and become emotionally mature and real. However – in my view only -, just coping with life is setting the bar pretty low.

So, how long you want to use the Essences depends very much on your preferences. Worthwhile changes can be started with one course, but in my experience, it is more useful to persevere for a while. That way, your whole outlook and approach to life can be revolutionised.

Experiment if and when you are ready! You are completely free to choose how long you want to continue.