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Do Australian Bush Flower Essences address only our mental health, or do they also work on a physical level?

Australian Bush Flower Essences do affect physical health too apart from emotional imbalances. They can do so, directly and indirectly. They can be used to regulate the functions of the glands comprising the Endocrine System.
Australian Bush Flower Essences - banksia

This approach is very much at odds with the Orthodox Medical approach, which is to administer supplementary Thyroxine, the hormone produced by the gland. This causes an increased level of dysregulation by suppressing Thyroid function based on feedback-based management. That in turn will make the patient into a lifelong customer. The potential optimal functioning of the gland is compromised, which may lead to the malfunctioning of the entire Endocrine System in the long run.

Using Australian Bush Flower Essences can re-adjust the out-of-balance gland’s functioning. It usually takes two courses or 6-8 weeks to accomplish that. Taking the essence may need to be repeated, depending on individual circumstances, but most of the time the results are long-term.

For example, if someone’s Thyroid gland is underactive s/he may feel sluggish, plodding, listless and even a bit waterlogged. Using the appropriate flower essence (Old Man Banksia) can correct this and the gland will regain its optimal level of functioning. This will also result in feeling more optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic and an elevation of mood.

In day-to-day practice, it has become clear, that the most natural way to address various life issues has to be based on a system-based approach. Bodily functions are not separate from intellectual, emotional and spiritual ones and therefore individuals need to be seen as functional wholes.

Staying with the example of the Endocrine System, which works like instruments in a chamber orchestra. They work in concert based on feedback-based mutual regulation. They are not independent of one another, therefore it is most often worthwhile to take essences that will rebalance the functioning of the other endocrine glands at the same time. This approach tends to have a greater degree of longer-lasting benefits.