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Would you work with persons diagnosed with chronic health conditions or with a history of mental illness?

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It is necessary to emphasize that flower essences influence intellectual and Psycho-Spiritual imbalances. Diseases and illnesses, just like life, are complex processes. A lot can change depending on how you approach the emerging issues.


For example, the structural changes caused by severe arthritis will not and can not be corrected by their use. However, the frustration, anxiety and sense of injustice can be significantly reduced, which will increase the quality of life. No doubt, that is worthwhile to do.

I am not promising miracles, that would be dishonest and misleading. Terminal cancer can’t be reversed. However, the sufferer can be effectively assisted to overcome the associated sense of dread, terror and impending doom. Apologies for putting this in cold and purely clinical terms, but they can be assisted to accept the facts of their condition, not rebel and fight hopelessly against it. They can experience a good and peaceful death.

Substance use and dependence, for example, can be treated successfully. These are all highly complex issues, whose emotional components can be addressed successfully.

It is worthwhile to mention, that all we humans do is guided by the pleasure/pain principle. We want to avoid suffering. So, “the whatever works” principle is employed by all. Regrettably, whatever substance or activity promised a solution, tends to cause more trouble in the long run, than the issue we attempted to avoid in the first place.

When a person identifies and begins to use the substance and engage in the activity of their choice, their personal growth and process of emotional maturation are interrupted and put on pause. They don’t have a substance use problem. They just chose the wrong solution to deal with their issues.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Most people believe that detoxing from the substance of their choice will solve their problems. Though that is an important step, it is only the first of many that follow. The suppressed issues have to be addressed and the associated pain dealt with. That pain and accompanying suffering is what drives people back to the previously “successful” though harmful solution. That may be chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, amphetamines or heroin. The substance doesn’t really matter.

All types of anxiety can be treated successfully. The most unpleasant experience of anxiety is the result of anticipating and fantasizing about an undesirable future experience. This is usually based on objectionable past experiences. Without the intention of trivialising the issue, the affected individual can be assisted in not recreating the unwelcome past and choosing a more desirable option in the future. It is possible to learn and avoid doing the same activity leading to the same objectionable outcome.

Other concerns that can be successfully addressed include: feeling depressed, directionless, dejected or hard done by others. Being shy, feeling lost or directionless in life, having learning difficulties or not being able to concentrate can be remedied. Pun intended.

I don’t work with issues. Instead, I work with people who experience some challenges, that need to be processed and dealt with, not avoided, suppressed or ignored. As long as a person is willing to actively participate in the therapeutic process, much can improve.