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Why ask for a consultation?

Australian Bush Flower Essences

I have worked with people experiencing the broadest range of difficulties all my life, and have been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 1986. Being quite intuitive by nature and due to having used this healing modality for well over 30 years, I have an in-depth understanding of the individual essences as well.

Self-diagnosis is a very tricky undertaking. Most people are aware only of something not being right or being out of kilter. The descriptions of the individual essences and frequently used combinations can be very useful and can act as a worthy introduction to Australian Bush Flower Essences.

However, these online depictions are usually kept short and simple for commercial reasons, and for convenience. Based on these alone, it is nearly impossible to understand how they act together to address complex issues.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

If you want to progress beyond symptom relief, and want to engage in personal growth, it would be worthwhile to talk to someone like me, who is willing and able to assist you along the way by choosing the most suitable essences and discussing the issues at hand.

I found it essential to have a personal therapeutic relationship with the actual/potential client. Parents, partners, and relatives, however well-meaning they are, don’t experience what the person is aware of. This is one of the reasons why it is not ideal to select the needed remedies based on second-hand information.

We, as individuals, and our lives, are remarkably complex processes. An amazing variety of factors interact incessantly. We need to adjust ourselves constantly to remain on the desired path. If that is your aim, the expertise of an experienced and impartial professional can be useful.

Naturally, clients are completely free to maintain and keep the therapeutic relationship going as long as they please. I believe in individual choice and self-determination. If you find what we do together is useful for you, I am here to assist you. If not, there are no hard feelings. You may stop whenever you wish.

I don’t promise rainbows and unicorns. Personal growth and becoming real often involve some challenges and discomfort. Looking at your reflection in the mirror with increased and enhanced self-awareness isn’t always flattering. Being honest with yourself may debunk some long-held fantasy-based beliefs about who and what you are like. Your personal pride and vanity may get bruised. Still, the truth awaits.

I am likely to be able to respond to your request for a consultation within 24 hours.