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How do Australian Bush Flower Essences work?

Australian Bush Flower Essences

This is a most important and fundamental question, which requires an in-depth answer.

From a conventional perspective, illness is presumed to be an organic malfunction. This is a valid assumption when the patient breaks their leg, has a stroke or a heart attack. Clearly, flower essences are not going to have a direct effect on the injury in such situations. They can reduce the degree of stress associated with such conditions, which would still prove worthwhile.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Australian Bush Flower Essences aim to improve how a person feels and to correct those potential imbalances that may block continuous progress. The development and/or reversal of debilitating emotional and physical tensions can result in the freeing up of those life energies that were spent on maintaining the unhealthy status quo.

All flower essences are pure energy extracts of wildflowers, and they affect the energy systems of a person’s constitution. They regulate and adjust this energy system in a way that is similar to the Traditional Chinese method of Acupuncture, aimed at affecting organ systems.

Most Australian Bush Flower Essences focus on regulating and optimising human consciousness, our intellectual, emotional and Psycho-Spiritual lives. When we function well on those levels, we are more likely to feel contented and therefore less likely to develop serious organic diseases.