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Why switch from Bach Flower Remedies to Australian Bush Flower Essences?

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Dr Edward Bach was a pioneer in the field of developing flower remedies. We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for developing his system of thought and flower essences. Much can be accomplished using his remedies.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

However, progress is inevitable and often worthwhile. The Australian Bush Flower Essences range – as developed by Ian White – represents a significant step forward on the path of development. Their use is based on the same principles as Bach Flower Remedies.


In my view, they may be more effective and broadly applicable due to the ancient nature of the land and flora. There is something profoundly elemental and powerful in the unspoilt environment here, which seems to reflect the deeply penetrating and potent nature of the essences.

The range and variety of imbalances addressed by the Australian Bush Flower Essences are broader than the Bach Flower Remedies. Perhaps this is a sign of our times, but clearly, our lives have changed profoundly since their development in the past 90 years.

My philosophy is that ‘Whatever works will do!’. Therefore, I’ll use whatever works best to assist others.