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Can Australian Bush Flower Essences help children and teenagers?

Children and teenagers can definitely benefit from taking Australian Bush Flower Essences. One important example would be the mixture referred to as ‘Superlearning Essence’. It can be very useful in helping with concentration, attention, focus, information processing and recall.

We often live extremely busy, disorganised and scattered lives. All of us are constantly bombarded by mostly irrelevant, superficial and useless information, advertising etc. Developing the skill of being in the ´Here and Now´ at will is essential for anyone who wants to do anything efficiently and effectively. Why on earth that is not being taught to all students at school baffles me.

Is it any wonder that children who are constantly exposed to this cacophony and frantic imagery never develop the skill of focusing their attention or concentration, and they are not able to separate the useful information from the useless? Almost unavoidably, they cannot pay attention to anything for a prolonged period of time or evaluate and process information based on critical thinking. They simply can’t focus long enough to do so.

This way of being becomes habitual quickly and is often referred to as ADHD. Such over-stimulation can also lead to emotional lability, constant irritability and a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

However, in time and with some effort and perseverance, this habitual way of being can be remedied too. Pun intended. It is worthwhile to remember though that peers will probably not develop this way, so the child who is doing better may become the odd one out.

When it comes to children with chronic health issues, they require the use of traditional medication. Clearly, asthma, for example, has an emotional component and most people with COPD are of similar personality traits. However, these conditions have a very significant portion of physical symptoms, so flower essences will not be enough for treating them successfully.